The Saltfish Surf Co. story

Saltfish Surf Co. offers handmade and sustainable bags and accessories for surfers, daily beach goers, urban travelers and adventurers. Saltfish Surf Co. is a Venice Beach-based lifestyle brand inspired by the ocean and the passion of traveling. The motivation behind the brand is to bring new surf accessories blending functionality, aesthetic and sustainability.  


 "I wanted to create accessories that I could relate to. I wanted to find a way to use fabrics collected around the globe to make a positive change in the world. I believe I could come up with a line of bags and accessories different than what is already available on the market. Aesthetically and environmentally conscious, with a focus on functionality, allowing surfers, beach goers, urban travelers and adventurers to proudly and easily carry their belongings to their favorite location."
- Romain Goudinoux, Founder of Saltfish Surf Co.



The Concept

Traveling around the world, working with local communities and finding unique textiles, all Saltfish Surf Co. bags are handcrafted by artisans in small workshops, not in large factories. I take pride in using sustainable production methods that reduce waste and conserve energy, while giving back to small communities by providing them with jobs, fair wages and a creative outlet.

Each collection is inspired by the culture, textiles, people, story and artifacts I collect on my seasonal adventures.



 The Manufacturing

Each bag is assembled by hand in Mexico, made from hand-woven Oaxacan wool rugs that are organically-dyed using natural elements such as berries, moss, tree barks, then finished using foot-powered looms. I also use premium vegetable-dyed leather from Mexico. No plastic or harsh chemicals are ever used in the design process. Due to the handmade nature of the bag, each piece will be unique.