Welcome to Tijuana...

Welcome to Tijuana,

Tequila, sex y marijuana.

- Manu Chao

        Not quite the purpose of my trips to Tijuana (besides tequila...) but spending the day at the factory is always such a good time.

        Getting down to Tijuana is probably my favorite part of what I do with Saltfish. Arriving at the factory, being welcomed by Francisco and Aracely with big smiles and hugs, smelling the leather, hearing the tic-tic of all the sewing machines going off at the same time, touching all the materials we are about to work with, the tools too, it all enhances my senses and inspires me to work my best as I feel so grateful to be invited to spend the day working with who I now consider my friends.

        So be aware that all Saltfish Surf Co. products are crafted by hand by these people, my friends, and made with conscious practice and materials to last for a life time.

Please enjoy...

Photos by Guigo Foggiatto


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